Hurricane Resistance

Did you know that some buildings in Jamaica, Hiati and the Carribean Islands have massive concrete walls and SOLID CONCRETE ROOFS? So why is it that when a wealthy client approaches an architect the mansion boasts 30,000 square feet but every bit of it can be blown away?  In Greece; solid concrete roofs are common, even at low slope angles, for the lower and middle class, whereas almost unheard of here?  Why is that?  I have a structural engineer who can design concrete into anything.


Curves in design

We are at a point where curves can be built, we know how to create the formwork and how to bend the reinforcement steel, so why not integrate some feminine energies into your masculine hard edged design to find some balance of yin and yang? Credit: Architect Richard Meier 


Innovaton vs Classical

Did you know that the Athenian citizens balked at the design of the Acropolis & Parthenon when they first heard about it, why they thought the architect was mad !!!  Not much later, it was copied by the Romans and continuously to date by many cultures around the world, even by couthouses and the White House !!!  So open your mind and move forward into the future and drop some of the useless sentiments behind...........